Improvement Plan (CHIP)

In 2016, Lewis and Clark Public Health and St. Peter’s Hospital convened members of our local public health system to participate in a Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP) Task Force to develop a community health improvement plan – a long-term, strategic effort to address our most pressing public health concerns.

Task Force partners met for three planning meetings in February-April 2016 and were led through a facilitated process to develop the content for this plan built on an initial Lewis and Clark County Community Health Improvement Plan published in 2013, the Montana State Health Improvement Plan and national planning efforts such as Healthy People 2020. Community partners were tasked with developing a data-driven plan, using results from the Lewis and Clark Community Health Report, which was published in 2015 to identify key priority areas of focus for collective action based the best available community health data. The group was also instructed to consider social determinants of health, the underlying social and economic concerns that affect health and create health disparities, and to consider effective public health policies when developing key strategies for action.

The results of our community-wide planning process are contained in the 2016 Lewis and Clark County Community Health Improvement Plan. Dozens of community members worked over a span of several months to identify:

• The county’s most pressing health needs and priorities;

• Assets and resources available in our community to address those needs;

• Strategies for collective action to address health priorities, with a focus on policy;

• Metrics to measure progress in improving the health of our county; and

• Community partners who will take the lead for all identified strategies

The list of partners in the acknowledgments section of this document shows a broad commitment in our community to improve the health of our population. Over the next few years, St. Peter’s, the Health Department, and our community partners will develop work plans that align with this document to monitor our progress as we work toward a healthier, more engaged community.

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