Investing In Your Hospital

As a not-for-profit, St. Peter's Health invests nearly $10 million of our "profits" every year in new equipment, facilities and technology to ensure we're providing the best possible care for our patients. Some of our most recent investments:

Ambulance (2015, 2016) - $384,605 Diagnostic Imaging (2016) - $676,000 
Two new ambulances–with better lighting,storage, and a new hydraulic-assist cot lift—help ensure the best possible outcomes for patients experiencing medical emergencies.                                                      MRI machine upgrade provides the most advanced imaging available in the Helena region.
Cancer Treatment Center (2015) - $956,000 Women & Children’s Unit (2015) - $96,000
State-of-the-art CT/PET scanner better detects cancer in early stages, when cancer has the highest cure rates. Renovations and new technology ensure the safety and security of newborns and children in St. Peter’s care.
Endoscopy Suite (2018) - $2,530,400
Women & Children’s Unit (2015) - $508,000
Construction of a new, dedicated endoscopy department to increase our ability to perform life-saving screenings like colonoscopies. “Panda” and “Giraffe” baby warmers enhance the care of premature babies and infants who need intense medical treatment.
Urgent Care (2016) - $223,344 Same Day Services (2015) - $585,568
Relocation and renovation increased the number of exam rooms, improved accessibility, and enhanced the patient experience by improving workflow. New endoscopes allow physicians to visually examine organs and are used in procedures like colonoscopies.
Cancer Treatment Center (2016) - $2,864,072 Radiation Oncology (2018) - $1,100,00
TrueBeam linear accelerator provides the most precise radiation therapy treatment available, shortens treatment times, and reduces side effects for patients. An extensive remodel to meet the demand of increased patient numbers and to provide more private and comfortable treatment areas.











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