Our vision is to be the gold standard of health care in Montana by 2025.

Becoming the gold standard

Annual Performance Goals

We’ve established performance goals for the organization and individual departments that align with our core values: service, quality, safety, accountability and collaboration. The goals align efforts toward outcomes, create more transparency and accountability around performance and reinforce the importance of a values-based culture.

Operations Initiative (2017 - 2019)

We conducted a thorough examination of all business and clinical operations and are implementing a number of industry best practices from around the country to increase efficiency and generate more value for patients.

ISO 9001 Certification (2018-2022)

We've begun our journey to pursue ISO certification, a global standard for exemplary quality management systems. Having processes in place to drive continuous performance improvement leads to higher quality outcomes, employee engagement and patient satisfaction.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Optimization

The ultimate goal is universally accessible health records to better serve the needs of patients and promote a more streamlined, coordinated delivery of care. We are enhancing our IT governance structure and will focus on optimizing our electronic health record system to best serve our patients over the next decade.

Prioritize Clinical Innovation

We are embracing innovation. We are committed to implementing new strategies that increase the community's access to health care services and identify ways to reduce health care costs for patients.

Master Facility Plan

Our Master Facility Plan helps us design our facilities for the future. The plan addresses how we should grow our physical infrastructure to support the community's needs for clinical services and programs in the coming years.

Key Engagement Initiatives

Effective collaboration with our employees, providers and the community is essential to our ability to transform the organization. Health and wellness extend beyond our walls. We are implementing key initiatives to align our health care experts with the most significant needs facing our community.

About the St. Peter's Health Transformation

Why is St. Peter’s Health undergoing a transformation?

Several things are driving this transformation. First and foremost, we want to become a higher performing organization. There are many great things happening at St. Peter’s, but we have a responsibility to our staff, patients and community to be better tomorrow than we are today. We know there are things we can improve on, and we wish to set the gold standard in Montana for how we care for our community We also must be proactive with so many changes on the horizon in health care.

Federal and state funding continues to decrease, but the cost of health care services to providers and patients only goes up. Every week, there is news of more health systems throughout the U.S. forced to take drastic measures like large scale layoffs, eliminating services or selling out to large national systems. For us to ensure the stability of health care for people in and around Helena, we must sharpen our focus and become more efficient now, while we’re in a relative position of strength. Waiting to act won’t allow us to work through thoughtful and well planned change on our own terms.

Who is involved in the St. Peter’s Health Transformation?

Employees across the organization are directly involved in our ongoing transformation efforts to become a higher performing organization. Successful transformation will require everyone at St. Peter’s to be committed to excellence.