Walk to win! 

Since 2019, St. Peter's Health has invited both employees and the community to join an annual 60-day HealthyWage Step Challenge designed to motivate and increase movement by incentivizing individualized healthy habits. By reaching your step goal you automatically win money! 

Registration is only $35 (can be split over 2 months) for the first 800 people thanks to generous support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Wells Fargo and St. Peter’s Health. 

All participants who meet their individual step goals WIN! To sweeten the incentive, participants who either meet last year's average and/or meet their individual step goals will be entered to win a winter weekend getaway in Yellowstone National Park worth over $1,000.

Step goals are set individually for each participant and must be tracked through a step tracking device (Apple Health, GoogleFit, FitBit or Garmin) synced to the HealthyWage app on participants’ Smartphones. The 2021 challenge runs from June 7 to August 5. Winners typically win between $120 and $150 depending on registrations numbers.

Register Now 

Please note: You must download the HealthyWage App on your SmartPhone to register. Click HERE for instructions. Questions? Contact HealthyWage at info@healthywage.com or call 1-888-636-3832.

Challenge details

The HealthyWage Step Challenge encourages participants to move more by setting individualized step goals. You only compete against yourself although teams of 2 to 5 people are encouraged for motivation. 

How is my goal set? Your goal is either a 25% increase over your current tracking history (45-day average before June 7) or is set at 10,000 steps/per day (average). All participants have 60 days to meet their goal (June 7 to August 5). If there isn't much stepping on some days, you can make steps up on other days.

How are steps tracked? A wearable device or tracking app is required to participate as no manual entry is accepted.
Tracking devices (Apple Health, GoogleFit, FitBit or Garmin) connect through the HealtyWage app on their smartphone. Registration for the challenge is only available through HealthyWage’s SmartPhone app.

If it's individual, why teams? While participants' goals are individually set, teams of 2 to 5 are encouraged for motivation. Teams are set up during registration. 

What tracking devices can be used? FitBit, Garmin, AppleHealth and GoogleFit are all supported by the HealthyWage platform. Setting up tracking devices is included in registration instructions. Still have questions about setting up your tracking device? Email HealthyWage at info@healthywage.com or call 1-888-636-3832.

Prize details

All registration money is placed into a pot and ALL WINNERS SPLIT THE POT! Anyone who meets their goal wins money. No matter what, everyone who meets their goal is at least guaranteed to win double their registration, but the average payout has been over $120 in past challenges. BCBSMT, Wellness Fargo and St. Peter’s have generously donated half the registration fees for up to 800 community members, but the more people who register the more money in the pot to win.

In addition, participants who meet their goals this year are entered to win a winter weekend getaway in Yellowstone National Park. Not only are you entered if you meet last year’s overall step average, but another entry is available if you meet your own challenge goal. More details about the Yellowstone raffle will be available for registrants in an email set by St. Peter's Health after the challenge starts. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the step challenge from last year. It made me very aware of the amount of steps I was taking during my normal work day and exercise times. Previously I just did those things without a way to measure any progress or a way to compare. Being part of the challenge encouraged me  to not only to learn how to keep track of those activities but helped me compare against myself. I am also a little competitive and trying to keep up with my coworkers was fun. All I can say to those guys for this year….. ‘lace em up… bring it on’

~Bruce T., EVS