2020 Step Challenge Info

With generous support from BCBSMT, the second annual 60-day Step Challenge between June 18 and August 16 was a great success and a great reprieve from the shelter-in-place restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Almost 300 St. Peter’s employees, along with their friends and family, participated and averaged over 7,600 steps daily and over 456,000 steps over 60-days – the total number of steps was over 155 million!  That’s 1/3 of the way to the moon from Earth and is equivalent to hiking the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail over 61 times!  The top stepper overshot his goal by 415% with over 5.6 million steps. Out of the 291 participants, 181 met their individual challenge and split the winning pot getting over $84 each.

2019 Step Challenge Info

As part of the St. Peter’s Employee Wellness Incentive, the first annual 60-day Step Challenge was held between April 8 and June 6 with 137 St. Peter’s Employee registered and 83 of those met their individual goal to split the pot at over $133 given to each. During this challenge, over 79 million collective steps taken, which is equivalent to circling the Earth’s radius over 11 times! The average daily steps totaled almost 9,000 and the average 60-day steps totaled almost 534,000 – which is like walking from Helena to Jackson Hole, WY. The top stepper in this challenge blast their goal by 222%.