The following are “qualified endowments” for purposes of the Montana income tax credit.

Unrestricted Endowments

St. Peter’s Health Foundation Endowment – Income is allocated annually for greatest need by the Board of Trustees of St. Peter’s Health Foundation.

Create Your Own Endowment

You may create your own, named endowment to support health care services for your family, friends and neighbors. For a minimum gift of $25,000, St. Peter’s Health Foundation will establish, manage and allocate income for a unique, permanent endowment. You may restrict your endowment to support specific health care services or leave the income unrestricted, to meet the greatest need.  For information on endowment gifts to St. Peter’s Health, please call or have your professional advisors call, Stephen Mason, Vice President, 444-2102.

Restricted Endowments

  • William E. and Pauline K. Allen Endowment for Cancer Treatment – Provides funds to support cancer treatment at St. Peter’s Health
  • William E. and Pauline K. Allen Endowment for Cardiac Catheterization and Special Procedures – Provides funds to support the Cardiac Catheter/Special Procedures labs
  • William E. and Pauline K. Allen Endowment for Homelink – Provides funds to support home health services offered by St. Peter’s Health
  • Mandy Bell Endowment – Income provides travel funding for patients and families needing specialty medical care outside their home community
  • Deb Daehn Nursing Scholarship – Helps provide funding for nursing school tuition
  • Tim Daem Endowment for Pediatric Cancer Care - Provides support for pediatric (patient age 18 and younger at time of diagnosis) cancer care services provided by St. Peter's Health
  • Dr. Ken and Liz Eden Endowment – purpose is to fund Same Day Services as it relates to Gastroenterology
  • Elaine M. Fordyce Nursing Education Scholarship Endowment – Provides for scholarships for students pursuing their nursing education
  • Dr. Tom and Martha Hawkins Endowment for Respiratory Health – Income provides assistance for cardio-pulmonary patients’ health care
  • Martha Hawkins Endowment for Women and Children’s Care – Income provides care for women and children in hospital service area
  • Jane Hibbard Hospice Endowment – Income supports services provided by Hospice of St. Peter’s
  • Howell Endowment – for Cancer patients or Facility Needs
  • Ludlow Charity Care Endowment – Income provides assistance to patients and families with “unmet human needs” related to health care
  • Maxine Reese Endowment - financial aid to patients seeking prosthetic devices or other personal devices to replace the loss of natural body parts
  • Sullivan Endowment – purpose is to train Hospice staff
  • Margaret (Dorothy) Thayer Hospice Endowment – Income supports services provided by Hospice of St. Peter’s
  • Treacy Scholarship Endowment – Income provides scholarships for St. Peter’s employees’ further professional education