Emergency Medicine

Phone: (406) 444-2202

Questions about Emergency Department bills: (866) 227-6164

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Emergency Department is located on the main level of the Medical Center. (Corner of Broadway and California Avenues.) The department is a 15-bed emergency treatment facility, staffed with licensed physicians and registered nurses. It is an Area Trauma Hospital, a designation that demonstrates the hospital’s ability to provide care for and effective transportation of trauma patients. 

The Emergency Department provides medical evaluation and treatment to presenting patients of various ages with varying levels of illness and injury from minor to critical.  Services include medical screening evaluations, patient triage, medical procedures, and testing as it pertains to the services  rendered. 

Objectives of the Department are to provide a clinical environment conducive to medical screening evaluation and identification of emergency medical conditions, prioritization (triage) for treatment, appropriate medical interventions and evaluation of response to treatment.

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