Phone: (406) 444-2228
In an emergency call 911.

St. Peter's Health Ambulance Service is an Advanced Life Support provider at the paramedic level. All Medical Technicians are National and Montana state–certified. St. Peter's Health Ambulance Service provides 24–hour a day dedicated 911 service for all of Lewis & Clark County. On–line medical direction is provided by the physician on duty.

Ambulance Stand-by Service
As part of our commitment to the health and safety of our community, St. Peter’s strives to provide low-cost or no-cost emergency services at community events that support healthcare and healthy living. We evaluate requests based on the following considerations:

  • charitable or nonprofit event/organization
  • number of people served
  • threat and degree of potential injuries
  • availability of St. Peter’s staff and/or ambulance

To request emergency services for an event, please complete the form attached below.

Event Request for Emergency Services_Typeable.pdf90.36 KB
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