Intensive Care Unit

(406) 444-2222

The ICU operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Visiting hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a maximum of two visitors per room. 

St. Peter’s Health's ICU provides exceptional and highly–skilled nursing care for critically ill patients who require specialized and advanced technical nursing care. This progressive ICU treats approximately 1,800 patients per year. Patients are stabilized through specialized nursing care and then transferred to the appropriate nursing floor when medically stable. During their stay, patients receive education about their medical condition and progress, pain management, and information about medications being received. 

Information can be obtained from the nursing staff. Each patient’s family is asked to select a family spokesperson to get information from staff and then relate that information to other family members.  This enables the nursing staff to get information to the family and also provides them more time to care for their patients.

The ICU staff provides patient advocacy, listening and responding to patient’s concerns, explaining tests and procedures, encouragment for patients to ask questions, and support for the patient’s family. The majority of the RNs in ICU have an advanced certification in various types of nursing care, with almost half of all ICU RNs specializing in Critical Care Nursing.

The goal of the ICU

  • to coordinate the patient’s plan of care involving an interdisciplinary team approach which includes physicians, nursing staff, patients, and their families.
  • to exceed the patient’s expectations by providing the best possible nursing care to patients and support for their families.
  • to provide emotional and spiritual support to patients and their family members.
  • to create a safe, caring environment which promotes patient healing by providing well–trained and knowledgeable staff.
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