St. Peter's Health's Pharmacy provides services for oncology, hospice, same day surgery, emergency room, dialysis, home infusion and hospitalized patients.

Dispensing services include unit dose, IV admixtures, chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, home infusion, and emergency medications.

Clinical services include

  • drug information
  • pharmacokinetic and renal dosing
  • patient medication counseling and education
  • adverse reaction review
  • allergy monitoring
  • drug and food interaction monitoring
  • antibiotic review
  • medication profile review
  • transitional care medication monitoring
  • medication use review
  • medication protocols and pathways
  • pharmacy and therapeutics functions
  • investigational medications
  • quality management
  • quality controls
  • patient safety activities
  • pharmacy student training
  • formulary management

For questions about pharmacist or pharmacy technician employment opportunities, contact the Pharmacy Director at (406) 444-2355.

For information about patient assistance programs, please visit

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