What do I need to get started?

You need the TytoCare exam device to collect your health data. You also need a smartphone or tablet. Once you receive your device, download the TytoCare app and set up login account, if you don’t have those yet.

Which devices support the TytoCare app?


TytoCare FAQ Table

How do I schedule a TytoCare Visit?

VIRTUAL CARE VISITS ARE CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ESTABLISHED PATIENTS. Patients interested in a virtual care visit should contact their care team at 406-457-4180 or through the patient portal. Once you have a virtual appointment scheduled, follow the instructions in user guide to get started with the downloading an app.

Are TytoCare video visits covered by insurance?

Medical exams and video visits with a St. Peter’s Health provider often are covered by medical plans. Please check with your provider or insurance company to determine whether your plan covers video visits.

Do I need any training to use my TytoCare device?

The TytoCare device, have built-in training videos and guidance technology to help ensure accuracy and ease-of-use. Additional tutorial videos can also be found on https://www.tytocare.com/how-tyto-works/.

When is TytoCare the right level of Care?

With TytoCare, you can get a diagnose and a treatment plan for many common conditions, including allergies, constipation, cough, diarrhea, ear problems, fever, flu, headache, insect bites, nausea, vomiting, pink eye, rash, sore throat, bladder infection (adult females, 18+). Call 911 if you or someone in your care has a life-threatening condition.

Can I use my TytoCare device away from home?

Yes. All you need is the TytoCare app, a smartphone or tablet, and a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Who sees the data from my exams, and is it HIPAA-compliant?

Any data you send through the TytoCare App is done so over an encrypted, secure network. Data is stored on a cloud platform that meets privacy standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA. You and your healthcare provider determine who can access your medical records.

Who can use TytoCare?

You can use your TytoCare on children and adults of any age. The app is easily operable by adults who are comfortable using mobile apps.

What is my role in the TytoCare exam?

You will perform the exams at home on yourself or your child, using TytoCare’s proprietary guidance technology which ensures accuracy and ease of use.

What is the healthcare provider’s role in the TytoCare exam?

The healthcare provider will use the data provided by TytoCare, in combination with a live consult, to examine, diagnose, and treat your conditions remotely.