For folks who registered at - you should be receiving updates at the email you registered with (please check your junk mail if you find your inbox is not receiving). The information in those updates is to help educate and motivate participants in the challenge.  These updates are available below for you to review and are available to you in case you’ve missed an email update or would like to review a particular subject or email of interest.  The purpose of the updates is to just be short, digestible (pun intended) tidbits to help you successfully participate in the 3rd annual SPH Sugar Challenge. Good luck!

Prep Email -- Shopping List - sent 12/21/21 -- click HERE

Prep Email #2 -- Understanding the WHY -- sent 12/28/21 -- click HERE

Prep Email #3 - Tips and Tricks -- sent 12/29/21 -- click HERE

Prep Email #4 -- What to Expect -- sent 12/30/21 -- click HERE

Challenge Email -- Here We Go! -- sent 1/3/22 - click HERE

Challenge Email -- 1/3 into it -- sent 1/11/22 -- click HERE

Challenge Email -- Re-Entry for Feb 1 -- sent 1/31/22 -- click HERE