When it comes to health care, one of the most common questions is “How much will this cost?” At St. Peter’s, we’re committed to helping you gather cost information, and when possible, provide an estimate of cost for future services or anticipated care needs.

We offer an online price estimator tool that calculates detailed cost estimates on-demand, and have charge lists available for download. You can also request an estimate by completing this form or by calling our patient billing team at (406) 447-2783. Please keep in mind that estimates do not represent a guarantee of what will be charged. There are often many variables to each individual patient’s treatment and services, and costs may vary greatly depending upon many factors including but not limited to insurance coverage, type of treatment and resources consumed.

Online cost estimator tool

Our health care cost estimator tool provides a step-by-step process for you to help understand what your costs might be for certain anticipated procedures or services. The tool offers cost estimates on-demand and can calculate estimates based on insurance reimbursement information. Please read the site information carefully and have your insurance information available.


Charges lists

The St. Peter’s Health Charges lists reflect costs charged for select procedures and are updated periodically. The lists include reimbursement rates for major insurance providers.

Because it cannot be predicted what services a patient may require during an inpatient stay, it is not possible to quote an exact price in advance of an inpatient stay. Note too that you may also receive additional bills for services such as anesthesia, pathology or emergency room services. The price of an outpatient service may be determined in advance if the CPT code is known. Your provider can help you obtain the CPT code. However, the use of additional supplies or drugs, etc., may increase the price charged for a procedure.

IMPORTANT! You must download and save the list files to your computer to enable the filter by insurance function

Additional Information Regarding Pharmacy Charges
Drugs are charged by milligram/milliliter used. Each patient could have a different charge depending on their body type and needs. The average total charge amounts (Column F) are the average combined total charge of the drug by account. The reimbursement amounts from insurance are per milligram.

For example: Pembrolizumab 100mg
  • Average Charge = $8,536
  • Reimbursement = $52.30
  • $52.30 x 100mg = Total Reimbursement of $5,230.00

Other ways to obtain cost estimates

To obtain an estimate for future services via mail, please complete this form. Once this form is submitted, we will have an estimate sent to you within two business days. You can also contact our patient billing team at (406) 447-2783 to obtain an estimate over the phone.


How is cost determined?

In setting its prices for procedures, St. Peter’s compares its charges to those of other Montana health care providers and makes adjustments where necessary to remain competitive.

Some procedures compared against other places (e.g., cardiovascular/heart pacemaker) are offered at St. Peter’s only in emergencies and because of the low volume are more expensive. The charge ranges also reflect disparities among health conditions, geographic location, and proximity to health care. Satisfactorily explaining or accurately predicting actual charges to individuals remains a difficult task.

St. Peter’s mission is to partner with its patients, the community and medical staff to provide exceptional and compassionate health care. Because of this commitment to the community, some services such as the ambulance and home health services are subsidized by St. Peter’s. St. Peter’s also provides services to those in the Helena area who simply can't afford to pay for their health care.