The Fred C. Olson Learning and Development Institute is dedicated to honoring and continuing the work of longtime Helena physician Dr. Fred Olson. The institute leads employee education, training and development initiatives, and manages numerous employee education scholarship programs.  

Gifts to the Fred C. Olson Employee Education Endowed Scholarship Fund provide an opportunity to help build on Dr. Olson's important vision: Empowering and investing in our people to help them grow and thrive by driving excellence through learning, innovation and continuous improvement.

Dr. Fred Olson“St. Peter’s is a team of wonderful and talented people. Providing continuous learning opportunities for all team members ensures the safety and high quality of care our patients deserve.”

~Fred C. Olson, MD

Created in January 2021, the Fund helps significantly increase our investment in education and development opportunities for St. Peter’s Health team members. It provides education and training scholarships of all kinds, including certifications, associate degrees, undergraduate degrees and advance degrees. Recipients of a Fred C. Olson Employee Education Endowed Scholarship not only receive funds to cover their expenses, they are recognized with an award upon successful completion of their education or training program.

Endowed scholarships

Current endowed scholarship funds supporting our employees and the community include:

Fred C. Olson Employee Education Endowed Scholarship Fund

Scholarships established with the help of many generous donors to help our St. Peter’s Health team members grow and thrive. We drive excellence through learning, innovation and continuous improvement.  All St. Peter’s Health team members are eligible to apply for the Olson Employee Education Endowed Scholarship.

View our generous Fred C. Olson Endowed Scholarship Fund donors to date

  • Dick Anderson Construction
  • Margaret and Dick Anderson
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana
  • Dianne Armstrong
  • Pamela and Eric Schindler
  • Dr. Fred C. Olson and Dr. V. Lee Harrison
  • Cindy and Jim Utterback
  • Sharon and Dr. Russ Bell
  • Mary Beth and Larry Frideres, in memory of Elaine and Edna Fordyce
  • Stephi and Wade Johnson
  • Jan and Terry Cosgrove
  • Ken and Liz Eden
  • Elaine and Mark Taylor
  • Kathy and Larry Dreyer
  • William Northey
  • Lisa and Nate McCarthy
  • Mechille and Pete Johnson
  • Heidi Wampler, DVM and Todd Wampler, MD
  • Dr. Jon Griffin
  • Dr. Judith Birch
  • Judy Browning, in memory of Steve Browning
  • Dr. John and Mrs. Starla Cassani
  • Dr. Shelly Harkins and Todd Kortkamp
  • Dr. Sarah Fenton and Randal Rake
  • Kelly Minnehan-Galt and Dr. John Galt
  • Melanie and Dr. Robert LaClair
  • Nancy and Mick Robinson
  • Heather and Guy Almquist
  • Dr. Michael Hay
  • Karlenne Hager Trimble, in memory of Larry Watson
  • Sister Elizabeth Henry
  • Kelly Parsley and Jeffrey Morris
  • Barbara J. “Bobby” Spilker
  • Lynn Tamms, in honor of Dianne Armstrong
  • Rowley Family
  • Kim Sullivan, in honor of Dianne Armstrong
  • Diane and Mike Evans, MD, in honor of Dianne Armstrong
  • Mary and Robert Runkel, in honor of Sister Elizabeth Henry and in memory of Kathleen McGlynn Laymeyer
  • Sandra Gwilliam

Elaine Fordyce Nursing Education Endowment

Scholarships established by twin sisters Elaine and Edna Fordyce to support St. Peter’s Health nurses and non-employee public health nurses in the Helena area seeking an advanced nursing degree

Eden Family Endowment

Scholarships established by Liz and Dr. Ken Eden to support nurse education with preference given to endoscopy nurses and emergency room nurses

Dianne Armstrong Endowed Scholarship for Future Nurses

Scholarships established by Dianne Armstrong, a dedicated St. Peter’s Health nurse of almost 44 years, to help with tuition and other related costs for St. Peter's employees pursuing a career in nursing. READ DIANNE'S STORY >>>

Treacy Scholarship Endowment

Scholarships established by the Trustees of the Treacy Foundation to provide for medical education scholarships for St. Peter’s Health employees

Debbie Daehn Nursing Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships established in memory of St. Peter’s Health nurse Deborrah “Debbie” Daehn by family, friends and co-workers to support St. Peter’s Health nurses (including LPNs) advancing their education

Rosslyn K. and Joseph F. Duncan Endowed Nursing Scholarship in Memory of Dona M. Kamerad, RN

Scholarships for St. Peter's Health employees who are nurses seeking an advanced nursing degree

Kay Sullivan Endowment

Scholarships established in memory of the late Kay Sullivan by friends to provide education opportunities for St. Peter’s Hospice team members.

Dr. Thomas and Martha Hawkins Endowment for Respiratory Health

Scholarships established by Martha and Dr. Hawkins to provide education to St. Peter’s respiratory health staff as well as support for respiratory health services and patient assistance.

Pamela and Eric Schindler Endowed Scholarship for Cancer Care in Memory of Maxine Reese 

Scholarships established by Pamela and Eric Schindler to support St. Peter’s team members who are members of our Cancer Treatment Center or engaged in cancer patient care in the St. Peter’s system. This new scholarship fund will be available for award at a to be determined date.

To learn more about this giving opportunity, contact Foundation Vice President Stephen Mason at 406-461-3983 or

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