St. Peter’s Health and Broadwater Health Center Sign Letter of Intent for Institutional Affiliation

April 29, 2019

St. Peter’s Health and Broadwater Health Center (BHC) are together announcing plans to explore a formal affiliation that will ensure continued access to local health care for residents of Broadwater County. The proposed arrangement calls for St. Peter’s Health to acquire the Townsend-based critical access hospital and invest in necessary facility and operational needs. Both institutions have signed a letter of intent with an agreement to conduct extensive due diligence and develop a transition plan over the next 90 days.

Leadership and staff at St. Peter’s and BHC have already begun conversations to identify priorities and other opportunities for collaboration. Together, the institutions will work toward a transition plan that addresses critical needs in a timely manner and enhances patient care. The transition could take place as early as this summer.

“We feel a strong sense of responsibility to provide access to local, quality health care for our neighbors in Townsend. Many of our patients, employees and their families live in this community,” said St. Peter’s Health Chief Executive Officer Wade Johnson. “As the regional health system partner, St. Peter’s will share resources and invest financial capital in facilities and equipment to ensure the sustainability of Broadwater Health Center into the future.”

The partnership is being proposed following several years of financial hardship for BHC due to the rising cost of health care, decreasing reimbursement and mounting needs for investment in its facility infrastructure. BHC leadership approached St. Peter’s earlier this year to discuss a partnership that would bring stability to their operation and ensure continuity of health care services for their community.

“Our number one priority is to make sure our community has high quality, sustainable health care right here in Townsend,” said Broadwater Health Center Administrator Kyle Hopstad. “All of our leadership from the Hospital Board, District Board and Broadwater County Commission agree this partnership is the right direction for our organization and will help bring many positive changes to our community.”

Following the due diligence period, St. Peter’s and BHC will present a proposed framework for the partnership and detailed transition plan to board members from both institutions. At that time more details about the transition can be shared. 

“For patients in Townsend, we expect increased health care access and choice as a result of this transition,” said Johnson. “Hopefully, it will give residents peace of mind knowing there is greater stability and a shared commitment to providing high quality, local health care.”