St. Peter's Health Opens Outpatient Wound Care Center: New Outpatient Clinic Brings Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy and Specialized Expertise to Helena

February 16, 2021

St. Peter's Health announced the opening of the St. Peter's Health Wound Care Center, a new specialty clinic that brings the best-in-class wound care treatment and technology to the greater Helena area. The St. Peter's Wound Care team is dedicated to healing chronic wounds that have resisted traditional treatment through specialized, physician-led care. The Center will start seeing patients on Wednesday, February 17. 

The St. Peter's Wound Care Center is located at the Regional Medical Center (hospital) and includes a dedicated outpatient clinic in the Maria Dean Wing. "This is the first time that St. Peter's will have an outpatient clinic dedicated to wound care," said longtime St. Peter's General Surgeon and Wound Care Center Medical Director Dr. John Galt. "We have a great foundation from our experience caring for people with chronic wounds in the inpatient and limited outpatient setting. The dedicated, specialized Center will allow us to provide more highly specialized care in a new, healing-focused environment."
Over 6.7 million Americans live with chronic wounds. Clinicians and public health experts expect the number of people living with wounds will grow over the next decade due to an aging population and the increased prevalence of some diseases and conditions like diabetes.

"No one should have to live with a non-healing wound," said St. Peter's Wound Care Director and Physical Therapist Jane O'Driscoll, PT. "Often, people with wounds will suffer in silence or delay care. Whether your non-healing wound is the result of a surgery, trauma, or chronic condition, we can help."

When left untreated, chronic wounds can lead to diminished quality of life and even amputation. "We are committed to working together with a team to ensure that we don't just heal the external wound. By working with other healthcare professionals like patients' primary care providers, we can help people improve their overall health and well-being," said O’Driscoll.

The team is committed to implementing an interdisciplinary care model, including physical and occupational therapy, laboratory evaluation, nutrition management, diabetes education, and other areas to ensure optimal healing. 
The St. Peter’s team, which includes physicians with advanced training in wound care management and other clinical staff trained in the care of chronic wounds, is partnering with Healogics, Inc. to operate the clinic. Healogics is the world’s largest wound care management organization, an organization that delivers evidence-based care and excellent clinical outcomes that include a 93% healing rate with 28 median days-to-heal. 

Leveraging Healogic's support and experience, the local St. Peter’s team will offer state-of-the-art treatments. Depending on clinical evaluation, treatments may include but are not limited to debridement, dressing selection, special shoes, revascularization, and patient education.

The Center will also feature Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). HBOT uses a pressurized chamber to increase oxygen flow to injured areas, effectively helping treat some of the most complex wounds. According to Dr. Galt, "HBOT represents some of the most effective work done in the world of chronic wounds. Our investment in HBOT allows us to provide a higher level of care for people with some of the most complex, long-term, and non-healing wounds, offering an option of care and healing not previously available in our community."

Referrals are not required for an appointment, but some insurance companies may require a referral. To make an appointment call (406) 457-4241. To learn more about the St. Peter's Wound Care Center visit