400+ St. Peter's Employees: Support us, slow the spread

Support us, slow the spread

November 6, 2020

Dear Community:

Our colleague, Registered Nurse Charlotte Skinner, RN, delivered a powerful message last week to the entire state of Montana. She said:

“We need your help, Montana.”

We want to reiterate this message. It is more important than ever that our community hears it loud and clear.

COVID-19 is serious.

It is true, the majority of people who get COVID-19 will recover, and some are even asymptomatic and may not even know they’re sick. We are grateful for this fact.

However, people who are asymptomatic can still transmit the virus and we still do not have a clear picture on the potential for long-term health implications.

Those who become very ill or die from COVID-19 likely got the virus from a chain of transmission that included at least one person who themselves had no symptoms. This is why it is so critical to take preventative measures, even when you’re feeling healthy. 

To date 407 Montanans have died as a result of this virus and the death count continues to rise. This virus can cause serious, debilitating illness for some and is deadly for others. The dangerously high virus prevalence circulating in our community has caused the number of people who require hospitalization to strain our local health care capacity. 

COVID-19 impacts all health care resources.

When we ask for help in slowing the spread of COVID-19, it’s not just about beds, ventilators or availability of medications. We can have the most advanced equipment, technology and therapeutics in the world, but we do not have an unending number of talented and dedicated health care professionals who use these tools to save lives. 

Caring for our patients is where we want to be and where we need to be. But when there is widespread disease in our community, the chances that we are exposed through community spread increases. When we have to be at home because we are sick or in quarantine, we cannot be at the bedside or in the exam room. This impacts the care available for those with COVID-19 and those without COVID-19: from the patient with COVID-19 who needs supplemental oxygen to the child who has an accident on a playground. 

We CAN slow the spread. 

We know this isn’t easy, but we also know there are things we all can do to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. 

This is the time to come together and listen to the medical and public health experts about the prevention measures that we know help reduce spread – wearing a mask, making your world small, physical distancing, staying home when sick and washing your hands. And if you do gather with people, follow all safety precautions, all the time. 

Slip ups happen. Maybe you regret attending an event or have previously been skeptical about masking. However, it is never too late to begin to take safety precautions. It takes ALL of us putting in the hard work to protect each other. 

We’re in this together, and together we’ll get through this.

We live in a great community. Let's be a model of a community that did it right. Our combined efforts will help contain the virus, save lives and get us on track to get back to normal. 

Together, we can take action to re-flatten the curve and help our community thrive.


~ St. Peter’s Health Caregivers

    Earl Book, MD
    Tracy Dill, MD
    Tammi O'Dell, RNC
    Katherine Sigafoos
    Bennett MacIntyre
    Megan Cato Carr, RN-CEN
    Dawn Denegar
    Anne McCoy, RN
    Andrew Gilbert, MD
    Toni Easton, CMA
    TJ Lanier, PharmD
    Julie Brown
    Jennifer Taylor, BSN, CCRN
    Terri Stevens, HUC/CAN
    Kelly Adams
    Molly H, RN
    Kim Waples, LCSW, CMHP
    Alexander Jewett, PA-C
    Corbin A
    Teresa Boyd
    Claire Bostrom, RN
    Jeremy Royal, MBA, LCPC
    Amanda Johnston, CCMA
    Laura Nisbet, RN
    Erin Peterson
    JT Hinman, PTA
    Janice Spencer, LPN
    Lindsey Darfler
    Caroline Hammond, RNC
    Rachel Mattern, PA-C, CAQ
    Aaron Gams, RN
    Olivia Coburn
    Claire West, RN
    Jessica Bennett, RN
    David Webster, NRP
    Cheyann Gillespie, CAN
    Tetyana Matveyeva
    Megan Zawacki, PA-C
    Elizabeth Grant, MD
    Josh Taylor, CMA
    Brian Lee
    Brittany Kizer, MSW, SWLC
    Linsey Hollow, RNC
    Kylie Rickman, RN
    Jessica Lukenbill, RN
    Kaity Deaton, PharmD
    Jennifer Tanner, BSN, RN, CCRN
    Dana Roberson, RN
    Linda Zderick, PT
    Jeannette Evraets, RN
    Audra Swafford
    Elizabeth Ford, RN
    Natalie Clausing, PT, DPT
    Dana Walker
    Darcie Caldwell, CSCT
    Marsha Eklund
    Vincent Serumgard
    Vicki Ruzicka, RN
    Shari Hagengruber
    Lee R. Travis, MD
    Sarah Pemble
    Jami Hansing, RT
    Amber McIntosh, LPN
    John Elliott
    Adreinne Verlanic, RNFA
    Jakota Platts, CAN
    Lorelei Roberts, RN
    Janny Quigley, RN
    Justine McLane
    Emily Sedgwick, RN
    Gwenn Rogers
    Sarah Evans, MD
    Jennifer Mckay, RNC
    Nichole Peebles, RN, OCN
    Jenna Reitz
    Riley Galt, CAN
    Emily Hedrick, RN
    Christi Davis, TLAP
    Jill Wagenhals
    Brandon Hansen
    Robert Blank
    Krista Weis, RN
    Jaylene Tennant, RN
    Cailin Martello, CGRN
    Renee Olsen, CLS
    Luke Wines, RNC
    Dale Koch, PT
    Gina Spurzem, RN
    Betsy Williams, RN
    Cynthia Overturf, RDN, CDCES, BC-ADM
    Dave Ellis, RN
    Lauren Kuntz, RN
    Meghan Giovenco, RNC
    Angela Erb, CCMA
    Jen Keller
    Megan McCarthy, RN
    Mandi Andersch
    Kady Richards
    Betsy Klippenes, RN
    Adeline Weidow, BSN, RN
    Ted Veseth, RN
    Debra Peterson, RT (R)
    Jesica George, RT (R)
    Patricia Keilman, RRT
    Sevda Raghib, RN
    Jenifer Dodge, MD, FAAFP
    Marcia Rohrer
    Patrick Wood, MD
    Katie Barbee, RN
    Jacob Kussman
    Stormy Lantz, MSN, RN
    Amanda Sell, MSN, RN, CCM
    Ginger Baker, LBBP, MBA, MS, MT (AAB), ACHE
    Jennifer Gable, CMA
    Ashley Coggins, DO
    Starla Blank, PharmD
    Amberlee Ferrier
    Julie Yates, PBT
    Annei Daniels, PharmD
    AnneMarie Luehr, HUC
    Jess Humber, RN
    Kaile Ross, PhD
    Shelly Harkins, MD
    Brandon Newgard, MD
    Janice Powell, LPN
    Ryan Guy
    Bill Treharn
    Rhonda Hinrichs, RN
    William Kussman, CHEC
    Kate Garton, BHCA
    Mitch DeLeo
    Darby B, CMA
    Katie  Foster
    MeLinda Suhr, CAN, HUC
    Michelle Eckhart, RN, MSN
    Christine Erickson, LPN
    Amy Emmert, MAS, BSN, RN
    Kyle Moore, DO
    Kathy Swanson, RNC, IBCLC
    Rene' Casavan, RT (M) (R) (CT)
    Angela Tacey, RN, BSN
    Deonne Corne, RN
    Paul Wilson, CMA
    Ted Lanier, RRT
    Devon Murray
    Ann Lansing, MS, CRNA
    Orpha Montgomery, RNC
    Victoria Tillo, RN
    Jared Phelps, DO
    Jessie Lunde, CMA
    Theresa Metropoulos, MCSD
    Steve Matthes, BS, BA, BA
    Chris Caniglia
    Patrick Alduenda, DMS, APA-C
    Andy Coil, DO
    David Krainacker, MD, PhD
    Heidi Abbott, RN
    Jane O'Driscoll, PT, WCC, CLT-LANA, CSWS
    Jennifer Doughty, RN
    Shannon Murray, RNC
    Trent Jensen, DO
    Andrew Michel, MD, FACEP
    Crystal Ross, LCSW
    Andrea Hedblom, PA-C
    Megan Gullickson, RN
    Shirley Konrad
    Carrie Mitton, RN
    Martha Poell, LPN
    McCall Elverum, RN
    Patti Hunthausen, RT (R) (M)
    Chad Fitzgerald, RPH, PharmD
    Kim Stnaley
    Mark Mitchell
    Jennifer Marshall
    Ali McHugh
    Kyla Peterson, PT, DPT, OCS
    Deb Wakeland, LPN
    Judith Buer, RHIT
    William Harper
    Luanne Tangedal, MS, RN
    Cheryl Gunter, RNC
    Marisa Hardy, RN
    Jarrid Watkins, RN
    Jenna Cederberg
    Tawni Potts, CCMA
    Wendi Thompson, RT (R) (CT) (MR)
    Naomi Eaton, LPN
    Don Cox, CPA
    Gina Davis, BSN, RNC
    Tiffany Romano, CAN
    Emily Bubbers, MD
    Bill Ramsey
    Bonnie Frey, CAN
    Heather Mitton
    Jo Lynn Miller, BSN, RNC
    R. Dawn Paul, PA-C
    Britt R Ballinger
    Jodi Jensen, RN
    Pamela Walter, RN
    Pamela Walter, RN
    Joseph Dunn, RN
    Melissa Cobb, CNP
    Christopher Korow
    James Bennett, MD
    Tiffany Kniepkamp, MD
    Lisa McMahon, RNC
    Jordan Olmstead
    Sarah Crowley, BAN, RN, IBCLC
    Glenn Arlint
    Kelsey Wiegand, RNC
    Edward Peachey, RD 
    Kelli Butenko, EMT-P
    Arthur Martin, RN
    Raena Whitney
    Sherry Kosena, BSN, RNC
    Brittany Lee, RNC
    Yvonne Tapper-Gardzina, MS, RD
    Paul Clark
    Laurie Ditto
    Nicholas Maffei, RN-BSN
    Wayne Rada
    Adam Plate, MD
    Christopher Dumont, RN
    Andrew Gilbert, MD
    Jennifer Emery, MD
    Jayme Schneider, RN
    Riki Emerson, RN
    Chris Whelan, RRT
    Charlotte Skinner, RN
    Jennifer Reinstadler, RNC
    Nicole Clark, MD
    Angela Austin
    Ashley Carpenter
    Michael Fuller
    Leslie Pearson, PTA
    Kayla Morris
    Brenna Scofield, DNP, FNP-BC
    Emili Miller, MSW
    Randy Sasich, MD
    Inna Bordewick, PA-C
    Kathleen Silverstein, RN
    Kendon Anderson
    Jenny Taylor
    Shannon Wacker
    Katharine Strizich, RNC
    Cheryl Bieber, RNC
    Kendra Lenhardt, MPA
    John Galt, MD
    Diane Sedlacek, MBA
    Hannah Sieracki, RN
    Lisa Villa RT (R)
    Patricia Gifford
    Mikael Bedell, MD
    Alvera (Vera) Englund, LPN
    Laura Bennett, MS, PA-C
    Rene' Casavan, RT (M)
    Kim Rieser, RN
    Briana Smith RT (R) (CT) (MRI)
    Starla Blank, PharmD
    Lynne Grant, BSW
    Dave Pepper
    Sandy Cooper
    Jennifer Pappas
    Sarah Cox, MOT, OTR/L
    Sarah Maxell, OT
    Cindy Bultena, RN, MSN, RN
    Anthony Pierini, RN
    Josie Eckman
    Dianne Armstrong, RNC
    Jenny Sinrud, RN
    Adam Schiedermayer
    Rhonda Baxter, LPN
    Julie Yates
    Shannon Doom
    Patricia Harant
    Rebecca Johns, RN
    Lori Ricks
    Jodi Aschim, RNC
    Diane Dean, CTR
    Nicole Ramstead, RN
    Elizabeth Stearns Sims, EdD
    Patricia Gillespie B.S.R.T (R)(N)
    Robert Phillips, MD
    LeeAnne Yonchek, PA-C
    Sara O'Connell, MD
    Sarah Elliott, RN
    Colleen Gambill, RN
    Hadley Stanfel
    Jennifer McGinnis, RN
    Michelle Rush, MBA, CPHRM, CHC
    Shari Hazelbaker, RN
    Katie Gallagher
    Larissa Dewitt
    Emily Allen, LPN
    Julie Petre, PharmD
    Lyndsay Smith, BSW
    Shona Ellison, PHR, CP
    Emily Hedum, DO
    Michael Strekall, MD
    Barb Slunaker, RHIA
    Rebecca Morgan
    Elyse Demaray, RN
    Beverly Roope, FNP-C
    Matt Aakre, CLSp(MB)
    Susan Mitchell, MT, ASCP
    Melissa Stiles, PT
    Tom Richardson, PharmD
    Stephanie Clinch, RDMS
    Laura Plaska, RN
    Brooke Clinch, DPT
    Summer Monforte, MD
    Brad Hornung, RPH
    Tim Ferber, MA CCC-SLP
    Kari Badger, PT
    Shari Hagengruber
    Alice Luehr, DNP, RN, CNN
    Rose Frank, CMIP, CHESP, CLM
    Chelsey Field, DO
    Taylour McNelly, MLS
    Jasmine Doom
    Karla Smith, PHR
    Jennifer Baker
    Sheri Renney
    Jill Whyte, RN
    Rochelle Quist, RN
    Elizabeth Miller
    Marjean Heisler, PT
    Debbie Berg, CLS
    Vivian Reeves
    Erin Summers, PMP
    Hemanth Modadugu, MBA, MHA
    Deborah Thompson
    Miyoko Fisher
    Cris Bridges
    Lena Phelps, PA-C
    Jaime Larese, RDN
    Kari Parmer, RN, MSN
    Marcy Reher
    Robin Richardson
    Juliet Hahn, CP
    Elizabeth Quinn
    Dawn Gallinger, PhD
    Michele Johson, CPC
    Diane Nowak, MD
    Margo Dollan, RN
    Gwenn Rogers
    Karen McCarl, CPC
    Kristen Olsen
    Bradley Dick, MD
    Merrill Taylor, RN
    Pamela Melton, PharmD, BCACP, CPP
    Cathy Kovich
    Jennifer Rude
    Olivia Lee, CCMA
    Kimberly Pepper, BCC
    Anne Anglim, MD, MS
    Nicole Welch, CCMA
    Chloe Marsh, CCMA
    Betsy Koerten, RN
    Bridgid Crowley, MD
    Marietta Halverson
    Kelly Hunt, RN
    Kim Kurokawa, RN, CCDS
    Joe Boule, CRT, RPSGT
    Kennedy Wancewicz
    Cindy Garcia
    Laurie Coverdell Hall, MBA
    Donna Fyfe
    Brenda Lockington
    MaryAnn Beach, PA-C
    Sara Churchill, RN
    Heather Harrington, CLT
    Marlene Steinberg
    Molly Litchfield, RN, BSN
    Michelle Krings, RHIA
    Kolene Gardner
    Heidi Simons, PharmD
    Sarah Fenton, MD, FACC
    Tim Casey, PTA
    Kimberly Pepper, BCC
    Wisemiller, RN
    Bruce Tyler, BA, BS, MBA
    Robert LaClair, MD
    Heidi Hohmann
    Shayla Barraclough, PharmD, BCPS
    Jamie Seymour, RN
    Sandra K. Mittleider
    Lanae Williams, PA
    Meghan Arnette
    Tolly Patten, RDN
    Jacque Tescher
    Jonathon Griffin, MD
    Sandra Haschle, PhD, MSN, MA, RN, NE-BC
    Jayme Johnson
    Kelsey Henderson, RN
    Brittany Hoover, RNC-OB
    Rick Gulan, RN
    Mallory Taflan
    Wade Johnson
    Theresa Jensen, RN
    Courtney Marney
    Karla Hart
    Metta Barnhart, RN
    Shannon Hovde, RN
    Jennifer Nye, RN