Doctors note: Spring allergy warnings

Allergy and Immunologist Dr. Summer Monforte

April 10, 2019

From ABC Fox Montana. 

According to Summer Monforte a M.D who specializes in the allergy field at St. Peters Health says, allergies are the gift that keep on giving, and you’re never really to old to get new allergies. 

With that being said, there isn’t a lot you can do to stop anything from pollinating or even really stop your exposure to it. But if you are ready for it to come, you can start taking your medicines earlier. She says things like nasal sprays will work better if you can get them on board before you start having symptoms. But when it comes to allergies there can be a lot of different symptoms, but don’t let certain ones fool you.  

“Allergies by themselves do not cause cough. Allergies if they give you a bunch of nasal mucus dripping down the back of your throat can make you cough, or if you have asthma and you’re exposed to the things that you are allergic too can make you cough. But just straight allergies do not make you cough,” said Monforte.   

Monforte went on to say the best ways to cope with allergy season is to have your medicines on hand, and make sure you are washing your hands and face when you come back inside so you aren’t carrying the pollen in with you. Also, to not leave your windows open so the pollen won’t come inside your home. 

She also said you can start having symptoms as early as February, depending on what you are allergic too.