Turn caring into a career: CNA training program accepting applicants

Nurse at station

January 28, 2020

St. Peter's Health is hosting a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course beginning Feb. 10.

The course is open to external and internal candidates. Applicants accepted into the course will have the course fee waived conditional upon a one year employment commitment to St. Peter’s Health.*

Interested in participating? Apply for a CNA or aide position posted on the St. Peter’s Health Job Science website by February 3.

The course will begin on Feb. 10. Classes will run from 7-11 a.m. for three weeks, followed by clinicals on nursing units during the 4th week at times and days arranged with the instructor and Staff Development. Participants will then take the CNA exam to become certified.

CNA training program process

1. Apply for a Certified Nursing Assistant position that is posted on the sphealth.org/careers. If you are currently employed by SPH in another position, you must be an employee in good standing to be eligible to apply.

2. Interviews will be conducted by the leadership in the department you have applied for. You will be contacted to set up this interview by the department leader.

3. If you are offered a position, you will be notified after the interview and invited to attend the CNA Training Program. Further information on the course will then be provided. Please review the job description of the CNA position you may be applying for.

*Please note: candidates may be paid a lesser wage until such time as the course is completed.