Walk to Win: Sign up for St. Peter’s Health 60-day Step Challenge

60 step challenge

April 22, 2024

Registration is open now for St. Peter’s Health’s annual HealthyWage 60-Day Step Challenge. The challenge kicks off on May 1 and ends on June 29. Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana and St. Peter’s Health, registration fees have been discounted to $40 per person (split over two months) for the first 400 people who register. After 400 registrations are claimed, it costs $75 (split over two months). However, as an incentive to meet your step goal, you can automatically win back your registration fee and more as all participants who reach their step goal split the total pot of money!

According to St. Peter’s Health Psychiatrist Dr. Bridgid Crowley, while walking is a simple and effective way to improve your physical health, it can have positive impacts on your mental health too.

“Walking, or really any form of consistent physical activity, requires your body to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, signaling the release of endorphins and serotonin which are pleasure hormones created by the brain that positively affect your mood,” said Crowley. “Those who participate in the challenge might feel an increase in happiness and a decrease in anxiety and depression, as well as better ability to manage or reduce their stress levels.”

Step goals during the challenge are set individually for each participant, however, for many the goal is to increase your average number of steps by 25 percent if you have been using a compatible tracking device that has already tracked your 45-day step average. Steps are tracked through a step tracking device (Apple Health, GoogleFit, FitBit or Garmin) synced to the HealthyWage app on participants’ Smartphones. Participants compete against themselves although teams of two to five people are encouraged for motivation. Winners typically win between $75 and $125 depending on total registration numbers.

How to register:

Participants register by downloading the Healthy Wage SmartPhone app and searching for “St. Peter’s Health Step Challenge”, entering in their information, and then connecting to a compatible tracking device. Compatible devices include FitBit, Garmin, AppleHealth (iPhone) or Google Fit (Android). 

Questions can be directed to info@healthywage.com or by calling 888-636-3832. Learn more and register today at sphealth.org/stepchallenge.