St. Peter’s Health recognizes our responsibility to improve the health of our community extends beyond our walls. We also strive to support community projects and events related to the health and well-being of the people where we live.

Application and guidelines

St. Peter’s supports community events and sponsorships that support our mission, providing donations and sponsorships to over 50 local and national health and wellness programs.

St. Peter’s invites nonprofit (501c3) organizations in our service area of Lewis & Clark, Broadwater, Jefferson, Meagher and Powell counties to request sponsorship or donations for their event. Prioritizing for funding will be based on:

  • Funding available
  • Relation to St. Peter’s Health's mission, vision, values and strategic plan
  • Direct health-related benefit to the community served

Event Sponsorship Form Program Sponsorship Form

Other sponsorships/event requests

Emergency Services/Ambulance Request for Events