Join a community of participants in our Sugar Challenge! The Sugar Challenge is a 30-day challenge that involves removing all added sugar from your diet to help reset your metabolism and detox your body. This challenge will help improve your approach to the foods you eat by enhancing your knowledge and giving you a better understanding of how food affects your body. Start the challenge at any time or start in January to kick the new year off to a great start! We encourage you to invite friends, family, or coworkers to join with you! The accountability and camaraderie will empower you to succeed.

This challenge is great for everyone to try! Whether it’s your first time participating, or you've done it before, this challenge can meet you at your own level and offer multiple benefits like: more energy, reduced brain fog, improved sleep and improved blood sugar.

Why join the challenge? 

On average, people are consuming two to three times the recommended amount of sugar daily. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), adults in America consume an average of 77 grams (15.5 tsp) of sugar per day! That adds up to 60 pounds of sugar a year! AHA’s recommended sugar intake per day is 36 grams (9 tsp) for men and 25 grams (6 tsp) for women. This is a key factor to diet issues today and is affecting people's health. Taking control of your health is key to a healthy life!

How does it work?

For 30 days, we challenge you to remove all forms of added sugar from your diet. Added sugar is defined by the FDA as, “sugars that are added during the processing of foods (such as sucrose or dextrose), foods packaged as sweeteners (such as table sugar), sugars from syrups and honey, and sugars from concentrated fruit or vegetable juices. They do not include naturally occurring sugars that are found in milk, fruits, and vegetables.”1 This means you will avoid foods with any form of added sugar, as well as artificial sweeteners.

All information and details for the challenge are included in the printable handouts available for download below.

Before you begin, read through the Sugar Challenge Rules for more information.


Want to know more? Download a PDF by clicking one of the links below.