• St. Peter's Health recognizes its responsibility to render necessary health care services to all persons in need of such care, regardless of race, creed, color, or economic circumstances. 
  • St. Peter's Health recognizes that payment for services rendered is due and payable at the time of service. St. Peter's Health accepts insurance assignment. Financial assistance is available for all qualified patients. 
  • St. Peter's Health acknowledges that when it comes to the collection of patient accounts, it must balance between community image and appropriate business responsibility. 
  • St. Peter's Health encourages payment of all accounts in a timely manner and insures that ethical and proper business practices are followed when dealing with patients delinquent in paying their accounts.

Billing Payment Policy

  • The insurance policy is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. Timely payment of the claim is the patient's responsibility. 
  • St. Peter's Health will file the patient's insurance claims along with supporting Hospital records as a service to the patient. A copy of the charges will be provided to the patient upon request. 
  • St. Peter's Health policy is that all balances will be paid or approved payment arrangements made within 30 days after receipt of first bill. 

Payment Options

  • St. Peter's Health offers the following payment processing options: 
    • Acceptance of cash or personal checks
    • Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express
    • Bene Cards
    • Debit cards
  • St. Peter's Health will provide payment plans and loan options: 
    • The basic payment plan requires a minimum monthly payment of 10% of the original balance or $100.00, whichever is greater.
    • A customized payment plan may be offered in a situation where 10% of the balance would place too high of a financial burden on the patient. Additional income verification will be required.
    • A loan program will be offered on a case by case basis at a 0% annual rate and will provide longer repayment term opportunities.
  • Exceptions: In extenuating circumstances, exceptions to the above policies may be made by the CEO/President, Vice President of Finance, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle, Patient Business Services Director or Director of Physician Billing. 

Finance Charges and Fees

  • All accounts with a remaining balance due after the initial 120 days after receipt of first bill, and outside of an approved payment option, may be referred to a collection agency. Such agency may assess finance charges and fees on the unpaid principal account balance. 

Returned Checks 

  • For patient’s checks returned from the bank (NSF), the check may be deposited again or the amount of the check will be added back onto the account as an unpaid balance. A fee will be assessed on all returned checks.

Credit Balance Account

  • St. Peter's Health will not refund insurance over-payments to the guarantor (patient or guardian) until all accounts for which the guarantor is responsible are paid in full. “Paid in full” means that the total account balance(s) owed are zero and not waiting for an insurance payment. 
  • Approved refunds will be issued on a weekly basis. 

Delinquent Accounts

  • An account balance is delinquent when a payment in full has not been received within 45 days after receipt of first bill. An approved payment plan or loan is delinquent when a monthly payment is not issued and remains unpaid after 30 days. 

Bad Debt

  • When all reasonable avenues of in-house collection have been exhausted, St. Peter's Hospital will transfer a delinquent account to Bad Debt. St. Peter's Health will recognize each account turned over to an attorney, collection agency or judgment taken as a bad debt. 
  • All accounts will be handled on an individual basis. If no payment has been received within 120 days after receipt of first bill, the account may be referred to a collection agency. Circumstances such as pending patient assistance determination or insurance application process with Medicaid may delay an account from being referred to an outside agency. 

Patient Assistance Policy

  • St. Peter's Health, a tax-exempt and not-for-profit health system, is committed to providing medically necessary care to those patients in need regardless of age, race, sex, religion, or ability to pay. 
  • Patients not covered by insurance or unable to pay in full for services rendered must contact St. Peter's Health  Financial Counseling Team. The counselor will assist the patient and/or family in determining if he/she qualifies for patient assistance. Cooperation is a necessary and integral part of the determination process. All patients will be granted a period of 240 days, after receipt of first bill, to apply for patient assistance. 
  • Once a Patient Assistance Form is requested and provided to the patient, St. Peter's Health will allow such applicant a period of 30 days to complete and provide all documentation needed for benefit determination. Failure to provide all required documents will yield an automatic assistance denial. 
  • All inquiries and applications will be handled with utmost discretion