St. Peter’s Health uses social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to engage in communication with the community. St. Peter’s encourages two-way dialogue with the public using these sites. However, St. Peter’s endeavors to keep this dialogue of a positive and respectful nature. St. Peter’s reserves the right to remove any content which it deems unsuitable or negative in nature, and will do so promptly. Users who attempt to sell products or services, or who do not adhere to truthful, respectful engagement may be banned from our social media sites.

If you have a particular comment or concern regarding St. Peter’s Health, the best means to address it is to use the Contact Us page. From that form, your comment will be routed to the department able to best handle your concern.

Please also keep in mind that when posting to social media sites, information is not private. Please do not post patient information or medical information regarding yourself or others.