60-day Step Challenge: Walking your way to better health

60 step challenge

June 8, 2020

With generous support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, St. Peter’s Health Wellness Services invites the community to join in the HealthyWage 60-day Step Challenge. Over 300 St. Peter’s Health employees have already joined the challenge and are ready to step their way to better health. The HealthyWage 60-Day Step Challenge is a fun, effective way to advance your health goals, boost your immunity and stay motivated.

The 60-Day Step Challenge starts June 18  and ends August 16.

Register today by downloading the HealthyWage SmartPhone app and then searching for the “St. Peter’s Health Step Challenge” once you open the app.

What is the goal? 

You are competing against yourself. Your goal is a 25% increase in your steps. If you already track your steps using a wearable device, your goal will be to increase your steps by at least 25% over your current number (this is a 45-day average before June 18). If you don’t have a 45-day average, your goal will be 10,000 per day (average).

Why participate?

It’s fun and effective! By participating in the challenge, you stay on track and encourage each other to reach your health goals. Plus, you can win money! Participants can also create teams of 2-6 people, so invite your friends, coworkers and family. But remember, the challenge is individual, teams are just for fun and encouragement.

How to Register

Registration is $35/month for 2 months ($70 total) per participant. If you meet your step goal, you will receive not only your $70 registration fee back but more!

  • Registration is only available through HealthyWage’s SmartPhone app and by searching for “St. Peter’s Health Step Challenge.” You can visit St. Peter’s Step Challenge from your phone to download the free app. Click HERE for a step-by-step guide to register.
  • A wearable device or tracking app is required to participate and no manual entry is accepted. FitBit, Garmin, AppleHealth and GoogleFit are all supported. Have questions about your tracking device? Email HealthyWage at info@healthywage.com or call 888.636.3832.


Please contact HealthyWage directly at  info@healthywage.com or call 888.636.3832.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the step challenge from last year. It made me very aware of the amount of steps I was taking during my normal work day and exercise times. Previously I just did those things without a way to measure any progress or a way to compare. Being part of the challenge encouraged me to not only to learn how to keep track of those activities but helped me compare against myself. I am also a little competitive and trying to keep up with my coworkers was fun. All I can say to those guys for this year….. ‘lace em up… bring it on.' "

~Bruce T., St. Peter’s Health Environmental Services Director