St. Peter’s Schwatzman and Smith Receive BEE Award

BEE Award Winners

November 16, 2022

St. Peter’s Health presented BEE Awards to Home Oxygen & Sleep Supply Technician Howard Schwartzman and Social Worker Lyndsay Smith, BSW. A companion to the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, the BEE Award is given to any exceptional general or professional St. Peter’s staff member nominated by patients, family members and/or colleagues.

The colleague who nominated Schwartzman said he is an asset to the team and their patients. One nomination read, “each day he fully participates to gain more knowledge to not only be more valuable to our department, but to effectively give our community 100% of care.” Schwartzman is often heard saying, “I wish my mom could see what I do! She would be so proud of me with the technology I use and the equipment I set up to take care of our patients.”

The nomination for Smith highlighted her ability to see beyond a patient’s current situation and struggles and for recognizing each individual’s potential for healing and redemption. “This week Lyndsay went above and beyond for a patient with ongoing struggles with alcohol and was able to get them to a drug and rehab facility,” her nomination read. “Because of her work, this patient has been given another chance at the life they want to live.”