Know your numbers!

St. Peter’s Health Wellness Services offers a variety of laboratory tests without a provider’s order to assist you in better understanding your health and your subsequent risk factors. Labs ordered through Wellness are offered at a discounted rate at the time of service and do not get billed to insurance.

The labs offered below are done in-house for individuals and are scheduled with local businesses for employees as "on-site" screenings.

Lab testing options

  • The Basic Wellness Screenings $45: Helps look for many risk factors, including cardiovascular disease and pre-diabetes. The screening includes:
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL & LDL levels (good and bad cholesterol)
    • Triglycerides (fat in the blood)
    • Fasting Glucose (marker for pre-diabetes)
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (checks liver and kidney health)
    • Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Waist Circumference, BMI
  • Vitamin D $25: Lack of Vitamin D is linked to a variety of conditions including irritability, fatigue, and depression, among others and should be included in testing each year for Montanans.
  • TSH –Thyroid $20: This test is used to check for thyroid problems and any abnormal results discussed with your provider.  If you have any family history of thyroid issues and are over the age of 35  -- this test is recommended.
  • CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $25: Provides important information about the current state of important organs, like the kidneys and liver, and also the blood systems.  The results are an insight into your metabolic health and can be used to determine if additional, more invasive tests are needed to detect other issues.  It is a routine test best used in addition to the Lipid Profile to give a great "snapshot" of health.
  • CBC - Complete Blood Count $20: Gives important information about the kinds and numbers of cells in the blood.  The CBC is a great indicator for your provider to assess and diagnose certain conditions that may warrant further testing.
  • A1-C $25: The current "golden standard" for helping providers diagnose patients with diabetes, and help those already diagnosed manage their blood sugar.  This test is recommended after subsequent fasting glucose tests (as part of the Lipid Profile) continue to be out-of-range. 
  • PSA - Prostate Cancer Screening (Men only) $20: This blood test is specifically used to test risk for prostate cancer in men.  Results should always be discussed with a provider to determine if any action is necessary for abnormally high levels, considering there is evidence to suggest high PSA levels may not need action.  A provider's expert opinion is needed to discuss results and options depending on family history, etc.
  • Blood Type $15:  There are four main blood types: A, B, AB and O. Your blood type is determined by the presence of A, B, or O antigens on the surface of your red blood cells. Another component of your blood type is the presence of a protein called Rh factor. The presence of this protein will add a positive (+) to your blood type or a negative (-) if it’s absent in your blood. Knowing your blood type is valuable information to aide with life-saving blood transfusions that may be needed in emergency care.

*Please note that our department can administer any of the above tests without a provider's order but can include any additional blood tests not listed above with a provider's prescription. A written order is needed at the time of service or can be faxed to the Wellness Department at 406-447-2544.