Our History 

Established in 1921, the St. Peter's Hospital Association was created with the aim of generating community interest, offering volunteer assistance and providing financial backing for St. Peter's Health. Over the last century, the dedication of numerous members has allowed us to truly embody the founders' vision.

Our Impact 

Association members have generously contributed tens of thousands of volunteer hours to serve patients, families and hospital staff. Through membership dues and the St. Peter's Hospital Association Trust, we have donated well over $1 million to support St. Peter's. This funding has been used for improving facilities, acquiring state-of-the-art medical equipment, aiding patients in financial need, bolstering patient-centered programs and various other vital areas. Each donation has played a crucial role in furthering St. Peter's commitment to the community.

Since 1953, our Sock Sew volunteers have lovingly crafted over 4,000 baby-sized stockings for infants born at St. Peter's in December. Additionally, they have made more than 6,400 regular-sized stockings for patients on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Join Us Today 

By becoming an association member, you can actively contribute to St. Peter's mission of enhancing the health and well-being of our communities. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Share your leadership skills, expertise and talents to help the association fulfill its mission and operational responsibilities.
  • Help identify and welcome new members, who bring their unique skills to enrich the association.
  • Volunteer your time to assist in organizing and staffing patient services, community events, ongoing programs and services at St. Peter's.
  • Support St. Peter's outstanding work by thoughtfully selecting care-focused opportunities funded through membership dues and the growing Association Trust fund.

Our Vision for the Future 

Our objective is to ensure that the association remains a steadfast pillar in serving St. Peter's mission. Your participation today will enable us to continue aiding patients, their families and our communities. With your involvement, the remarkable contributions of the association will be just as celebrated in 2121 as they are today!