As a St. Peter’s employee we are counting on you to help build our wellness culture.  We know that happy and healthy employees are crucial to the important work we do every day – regardless of which department you work in.

As this culture will continue to grow and change over time, we wanted to start with providing our employees some tools to use in the form of a wellness newsletter, various wellness videos, and weekly Mindful Minutes sessions you can access at work (or at home).  We want to engage with you also – so any questions, comments, suggestions, thoughts, etc. please click below to submit. 

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2021 Sugar Challenge
Register to join a community of participants in our 31-day Sugar Challenge starting Jan. 1! All information and details for the challenge are included in the printable handouts available for download.
Employee Wellness Care Manager Program HealthyWage
Step Challenge
Mindful Minutes
Health benefits can be difficult to navigate, and St. Peter's is dedicated to assisting our employees and their dependents navigate the health system and the resources available to them. 
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To help build our Wellness Culture among our St. Peter's employees -- we are thrilled to offer an annual Step Challenge during the summer. Each year we hope to increase the prizes and offerings.
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We have collected 5-10m relaxation exercises you can access easily during your breaks, for a walk or whenever. Research shows taking these breaks is necessary to reduce stress.
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Wellness Incentive Program Wellness Inquiries and Feedback Lavender Lane
Our commitment to keeping our employees well includes an annual wellness incentive program designed to help you identify any health risks and manage your individual goals.
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As we continue to build a Wellness Culture at St. Peter's, your thoughts are most important.  We want to hear from you!  Please give us feedback on current programs and things you want to see! 
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It can be difficult to navigate such a large health system campus to get movement for fresh air or for some quiet time outside.  We've made it easier for you to map out areas.
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