St. Peter’s Health is committed to providing patient assistance to our patients to help you work through financial barriers that may arise before or after treatment. We strive to ensure financial issues do not prevent patients from seeking care. If you have concerns paying for medical services, please contact one of Financial Counselors to see how we can help.

You may be eligible for financial assistance for medically necessary services if:

  • Your family income is below 350% of the federal poverty guidelines (for discounted charges) or below 275% of the federal poverty guidelines (for free care) and available assets are below established thresholds. See the chart below to see where you fit in relation to the federal poverty guidelines.
  • Your annual patient liability exceeds

2020 St. Peter's Health Financial Assistance Income Levels:

Family Size up to: 50% Assistance 100% Assistance
1 $44,660 $35,090
2 $60,340 $47,410
3 $76,020 $59,730
4 $91,700 $72,050
5 $107,380 $84,370
6 $123,060 $96,690
7 $138,740 $109,010
8 $154,420 $121,330
Each Additional Family Member Add $15,680 Add $12,320

To apply, please fill out the Patient Assistance Application and provide all requested information. If you have any questions or to receive a mailed application please call us at (406) 447-2828.

Completed applications can be mailed to the following address:

St. Peter’s Health
Attn: Financial Counseling Team
2475 E Broadway
Helena, MT 59601

Download the Patient Assistance Application


Download the Plain Language Financial Assistance Summary 



Payment plans

St. Peter’s Health is happy to provide flexible payment options even for those who do not qualify for financial assistance. See the chart below to see if one of these options may be right for you.

Option 1: Traditional Payment Plan

Ideal For: Patients with low balances, who would like some flexibility in paying off current balances

Maximum Length: 10 months

Option 2: Automated Payment Plan

Ideal For: Patients with large balances that are prepared to establish an automated payment plan

Maximum Length: 36 months

Minimum Payment: $100/month

Option 3: ClearBalance Loan

Interest-Free Long-term Loan

Ideal For: Patients with large balances greater than $1000

Maximum Length: 72 months

Requires Application

Please contact one of our financial counselors at 406-447-2828 to set up a payment plan today.

Learn more about our Clear Balance Zero Interest Loan Program.