Diagnostic Imaging upgrades cut MRI exam time in half

MRI new tesla

St. Peter’s Health Diagnostic Imaging recently installed a new wide-bore Siemens Sola 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. The upgrade helps cut MRI exam times in half.

October 30, 2023

A $2.25 million investment in a second wide-bore MRI machine at St. Peter’s Health means exam time is cut in half for patients in need of this important scan. 

MRIs provide detailed pictures of organs and tissues using a powerful magnet, advanced computer system and radiofrequency waves. The first wide-bore MRI machine at St. Peter’s Diagnostic Imaging was installed in 2020, and installation of the new wide-bore Siemens Sola 1.5 Tesla MRI was completed in September. New technology reduces exam times by up to 50 percent, and the machines’ larger openings keep patients more comfortable and can ease claustrophobia.

The project also included a total renovation of the MRI exam and changing rooms, which feature natural light and artwork to soothe and promote a peaceful environment. 

Since 2020, St. Peter’s has invested nearly $12.5 million in diagnostic imaging equipment and patient amenities. 

“These investments offer our community access to the most advanced medical imaging equipment in Helena. One of the best things about upgrading to gold standard technology is that it operates more efficiently and increases appointment availability for our patients,” said Michael Moratelli, Director of Diagnostic Imaging Services.

In fact, next day appointments are available in all areas of diagnostic imaging at St. Peter’s with appropriate insurance authorization, and we have evening and weekend MRI appointments available. Learn more about St. Peter’s Diagnostic Imaging at sphealth.org/DI or call 406-495-6700. 

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