St. Peter’s Health has a multidisciplinary fall prevention program. We take many precautions to prevent patient falls.  Our well–trained staff members understand patient needs, and we are always available to help.

Please call for help when you (or your family member) plan to move around the room.  All hospitalized individuals face health conditions, physical limitations, and medications that increase their risk of falling.

Always call for help

  1. Use your Call light to get help. Please be patient and remain lying or seated. We will answer your call as quickly as possible.
  2. Ask for help from a staff member when assisting you to and from a chair, in and out of bed, or to and from the bathroom.
  3. Let staff help you on and off of the toilet to ensure your safety. Do not attempt to get off of the toilet by yourself.
  4. Don’t get up alone. Little or no help may have been needed at home, but your illness, care or equipment may make you unsteady, weak, or dizzy.
  5. Non–skid footwear can prevent falls. Wear the hospital–provided non–skid slippers when getting out of bed.
  6. IV poles, bedside tables, or other like items must not be used to support yourself when walking.  These items cannot support body weight.
  7. Remind staff or family to put your call light, phone, and other items close to you so you do not need to reach. Reaching may make you lose your balance.
  8. Help us keep your room neat and tidy. Remove any unnecessary items that may be tripping hazards.
  9. Let your nurse know if you have fallen before, or have been confused or dizzy at home or in the hospital. This information will help us keep you safe.
  10. Don’t try to clean up spills yourself. Let us know if you spilled something, and we will help clean it up.

Your cooperation will help us keep you safe. Thank you for your help!