St. Peter’s Health Equity Strategy 

At. St. Peter’s Health, we’re committed to actively improving how we serve our community’s most vulnerable populations. This includes those who have been historically marginalized or oppressed, and members of groups that commonly face disparities when accessing health care and disparities in health outcomes. 

We strive to ensure the care that we provide is culturally competent and appropriate for members of minority and underrepresented groups. We also work to help provide effective follow-up care, by optimizing our referral and communication pathways with other health care and community organizations. 

Our goal for 2024 is to identify, assess and put structures in place to address the disparities and concerns of three focus populations:

St. Peter’s Approach to Health Equity 

In order to reduce health care disparities for these focus populations, St. Peter’s will concentrate on the following key areas:

  • Cultivating a system-wide understanding of focus population needs and health equity strategy development

  • Staff and patient awareness of new and existing culturally competent and appropriate services during inpatient stays

  • Timely and appropriate follow-up care after discharge for members of focus populations

  • Referral and communication pathways for focus population patients to the appropriate health care and community organizations