Healthy, happy employees who work in a supportive wellness culture play a large role in helping us provide gold standard care to our patients. Every St. Peter’s employee is eligible and encouraged to participate in our free Employee Wellness Program whether or not you are on a St. Peter’s Health medical insurance plan.

Last year we made a strategic decision to invest in your wellness and preventative care, with the intent to improve the overall health of our workforce and reduce health care costs for you, your family and our organization in the long run. We are excited to see already that this strategy is making a difference. Participation in our employee wellness program is at an all-time high. And because the health of our team members is already being positively impacted, medical, dental and vision plan premiums did not increase for 2021.

In 2021, if you are enrolled in St. Peter’s Health medical benefits, you will begin the year with your wellness incentive. The Employee Wellness Program deadline to complete your screening and submit proof of an appointment with a Primary Care Provider (PCP) is June 25, 2021 If you do not meet the requirement you will no longer receive the wellness incentive reduced premium starting on your July 22, 2021 paycheck. If all requirements are met, the reduced insurance premium and, if you are on the Health Savings Plan, the bi monthly HSA contribution will continue into the remainder of 2021.

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2021 Wellness Incentive Primary Care Provider Visit Form

2021 Employee Wellness Guide

If you need to establish care with a St. Peter’s provider you can call 406-457-4180. There are also many great primary care providers within our community.

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