Healthy, happy employees who work in a supportive wellness culture play a large role in helping us provide gold standard care to our patients. Every St. Peter’s employee is eligible and encouraged to participate in our free Employee Wellness Program whether or not you are on a St. Peter’s Health medical insurance plan.

As promised, beginning in January our health insurance plans and rates have made a fundamental shift to incentivize and reward employees who are engaged in actively managing their health through participation in our Employee Wellness Program. Employees on a St. Peter’s Health medical insurance plan who complete the program requirements are eligible for reduced health care premiums and a larger health savings account contribution (HSA contribution only applies to employees who choose the Health Savings Plan option). If you are on our medical insurance and wish to maintain your reduced health insurance premium, please read the 2020 Employee Wellness Guide and learn what steps you need to take to remain eligible.

The Employee Wellness Program screening deadline of March 20th, 2020, was delayed due to COVID-19. The new deadline for completing your screening and submitting the PCP form will be July 31st, 2020.  If you do not meet the requirement you will no longer receive the wellness incentive starting on your August 20th, 2020 paycheck. If all requirements are met, the second portion of your HSA will be funded the week of August 20th if you are on that Health Savings Plan.

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2021 Employee Wellness Guide - Coming soon!

If you need to establish care with a St. Peter’s provider you can call 406-457-4180. There are also many great primary care providers within our community.

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