The St. Peter’s Health Wellness team and Lavender Love team have been working to help employees be the best they can be with both their physical and mental wellness. We have developed a new map that highlights existing walking paths and outdoor seating areas to help you take a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Areas identified on the map can be used for exercise, eating, stress reduction and connecting with coworkers or just squeezing in some alone time while staying in close proximity to the St. Peter’s Health grounds! We are exploring additional outdoor seating and meeting solutions around our campuses.

If you are planning on having walking or outdoor meetings with your team please don’t forget proper sun protection, physical distancing and masking when necessary. 

To download and save the Lavender Lane map for the Regional Medical Center and Broadway Clinic, click HERE.

To download and save the Lavender Lane map for the North Clinic, click HERE


Updated Lavender Lane