Get information and signup for the 2021 challenge here

Since 2019, St. Peter's Health (SPH) has engaged both their employees and the community in an annual 60-day Step Challenge designed to motivate and increase movement by incentivizing healthy habits.  Registration is encouraged for all employees as part of the health system's Employee Wellness Program but anyone is able to join the challenge -- we want to spread healthy habits! SPH, and partners like BCBCMT, have helped to subsidize the costs of registration, and we hope to continue to fund more each year while also increasing participation.  All registration money for the challenge is placed into a pot and ALL WINNERS SPLIT THE POT!  

SPH has partnered with Healthy Wage (HW), a wellness platform company, to assist participants in connecting their tracking devices (Apple Health, GoogleFit, FitBit, and Garmin) through the HW app on their smartphone.  Each participant's goal depends on a 45-day previous tracking average, and all goals are individualized. Goals are either to increase current tracking averages by 25% or the goal is 10,000 steps/day average if no tracking history exists.  The competition is only with YOURSELF!

Participants' goals are individually set, teams of 2 -5 are encouraged for motivation, and all participants have 60 days to meet their goal. If there isn't much stepping on some days participants can make steps up on other days.  The step challenge is usually scheduled to start at the beginning of summer - this so we can take advantage of the good weather and the beautiful Montana scenery.