The Emmi education system is a free program available to patients to help them more easily understand and engage in their own health care. Emmi offers a series of free, animated online programs and education sheets that walk a patient through important information about a health topic, condition or procedure. Access is given through the patient’s physician and is selected for each patient's needs.  

For example, expectant parents can be prescribed programs on prenatal education; Sleep Center patients will be offered a program on sleep studies; cancer patients can learn more with “Introduction to Chemotherapy,” etc.

Patients should contact their doctor if they are interested in an EMMI program.

More about EMMI

Emmi's interactive communication incorporates graphics, text and spoken words – delivering specific and applicable health information in easy to understand language to patients at key moments across the continuum of care. The programs can be watched as many times as a person likes and shared with family and friends.

Emmi helps patients improve their understanding of health conditions, treatment options and procedures therefore empowering them to make the most informed decisions possible. Research demonstrates that when patients become more knowledgeable and proactive in their health clinical outcomes can improve.

Visit the Emmi Patient Safety Education Video to see a sample.