St. Peter’s Health employees wishing to complete HealthStream courses from home can log on HERE.

Your User ID is your employee ID number. If you are having trouble logging in, please call 406-444-2312 or email for further assistance.

Recommended Operating Systems: Computers
     Windows 7+ (PCs)
     MAC OS X.10+ (Apple)

Mobile Devices:  Not Recommended

Recommended Web Browsers:
     Apple Safari 7+ (Mac)
     Google Chrome, Latest Version (PC/Mac)
     Firefox, latest version (PC/Mac)
     MS Edge, latest version (PC)
     MS Internet Explorer 9+              

Tips for Troubleshooting

Pop- Up Blockers: Pop-up blocking must be disabled. Please make sure your pop up blocker is turned off.

Restarting a Module: If you find that the RESUME button does not restart the module, click the course name to resume the course on the blue wording to the right and try to start the course from within.

Audio: Headphones, earbuds or speakers are recommended for contact that offers audio.

Screen Display: If you zoom in on your screen for daily work, you may need to use Ctrl = 0 (zero) to zoom back to normal screen size and load courses.