Complete this form if you’re a member of ELT or leadership and would like to begin the process to explore a large-scale marketing campaign for a service line, provider or program. Examples include multi-channel paid media campaigns to promote a new or growing service line that use budget allocated from St. Peter’s annual marketing plan.

The strategic marketing campaign request process includes several steps:

  • First, complete this request form. The form captures important background information to help define the scope and key aspects of the project. 
  • Once you have completed and submitted this form, the marketing team will follow-up to set group discussions to answer additional questions using the SPH Creative Brief. 
  • Requests will then be reviewed by ELT for strategic alignment and budget approval. If approved, strategic marketing campaigns typically require 4-6 months to plan and execute. 


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  • If you do not receive a confirmation email after clicking submit, your request did not successfully submit. Please double check to make sure all required fields have been completed and retry submitting.
  • Contact Jenna Cederberg (Ext 2743) with questions.