St. Peter’s Health's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides exceptional and highly–skilled nursing care for critically ill patients requiring specialized and advanced technical treatment.

Quality Care at St. Peter’s Health ICU

This progressive ICU treats approximately 1,800 patients per year. The majority of the registered nurses in ICU have an advanced certification in various types of nursing care, with more than 80 percent of all ICU registered nurses specializing in Adult Critical Care Nursing.

The ICU staff is committed to providing the highest level of care, which includes a focus on patient advocacy through listening and responding to your concerns, explaining tests and procedures, encouraging you to ask questions, and offering support to patients’ families.

The ICU care team is committed to:

  • Coordinating the patient’s plan of care involving an interdisciplinary team approach including physicians, nursing staff, patients and their families.
  • Exceeding the patient’s expectations by providing the best possible nursing care to patients and support for their families.
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support to patients and their family members.
  • Creating a safe, caring environment which promotes patient healing by providing well–trained and knowledgeable staff.

ICU information for Families

The ICU is located near the Emergency Department entrance at the St. Peter’s Health Regional Medical Center.

The ICU staff welcome patient involvement in their health care. During your stay, you and your family will receive education about your medical condition and progress, pain management and information about medications being received.

All information can be obtained from the nursing staff. Each patient’s family is asked to select a family spokesperson to get information from staff and then relate that information to other family members.  This spokesperson will be given a four digit number upon admission of their loved one. The number will link them to the patient and allow staff to streamline communication and share the patient’s health care information over the phone. 

Once patients are medically stabilized through specialized nursing care, they will be transferred to the appropriate nursing floor.

ICU Visitation Guidelines

  • Visiting hours: 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

  • The unit is secured for safety. Visitors are asked to push red button on right of door for assistance from staff. 

Full Visitation Guidelines


Location(s) of Intensive Care Unit Services