St. Peter's Health Ambulance Service provides 24–hour a day dedicated 911 service for all of Lewis and Clark County. Online medical direction is provided by the physician on duty. The service is an Advanced Life Support provider at the paramedic level. All Medical Technicians are national and Montana state–certified.

When do you need an ambulance?

Call an ambulance when someone is:

  • Having trouble breathing or breathing strangely
  • Unconscious, having seizures or appears inappropriately drowsy
  • Having chest pain or discomfort; the chest pain may or may not spread to the arms, neck and jaw
  • Experiencing pain in the neck or back after a recent injury
  • Having trouble speaking, slurred speech, blurry vision or appears confused
  • Experiencing tingling, numbness or inability to move the arms or legs
  • Experiencing persistent pain in the abdomen or is vomiting or passing blood
  • Suffering from an injury to the ankle, knee or hip that would be made worse by being moved

When you call 911, the dispatcher will ask you:

  • The exact location of the emergency
  • Symptoms of the person who needs help
  • Your name and the number from which you are calling
  • To stay on the phone until the dispatcher hangs up first

Before the ambulance arrives:

  • Make sure everyone stays safe
  • Turn the porch light on, unlock the front door, and put pets in a closed room
  • If possible, have someone meet the ambulance in front of the building—especially if the location is hard to find
  • Do not move an injured person unless absolutely necessary

The ambulance crew will want to know:

  • What happened, when it happened, has it happened before
  • Patient’s age, medical history, medicines taken, allergies

Event request for emergency services

As part of our commitment to the health and safety of our community, St. Peter’s strives to provide low-cost or no-cost emergency services at community events that support health care and healthy living. We evaluate requests based on the following considerations:

  • charitable or nonprofit event/organization
  • number of people served
  • threat and degree of potential injuries
  • availability of St. Peter’s staff and/or ambulance

To request emergency services for an event, click here to complete the webform. Once the completed webform is received, St. Peter’s will respond to all requests confirming availability and eligibility for donated services, if applicable. Events that do not meet our donation criteria may still receive services at rates to be agreed upon by St. Peter’s Ambulance Services and the requesting organization. Rates are $65/hour for a staffed ambulance and $35/hour for a single personnel.

Event Request for emergency services

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