When it comes to caring for moms-to-be, we know the life-changing journey requires compassionate, flexible and comprehensive options. St. Peter's Health Obstetrics offers highly personalized, local maternity care from family planning to pregnancy to childbirth and beyond.


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St. Peter’s Approach to Obstetrics

Our experienced team is committed to offering personal care that goes beyond medical advice needed to help you navigate pregnancy. Starting with your first prenatal appointment and at each visit, you'll see your doctor. This includes delivery day, because our obstetricians don’t rely on the on-call doctor when you go into labor.

Don’t delay care! Regular prenatal care helps protect the health of babies and mothers.

Our obstetricians, nurses and advanced practice providers can easily connect you with valuable parenting resources, from free Prepared Parenting courses to lactation consultations. If you don’t have insurance or you’re worried about paying for care, our team can help with insurance and program applications that help pay for medical care during pregnancy.

Full Family Care

Most importantly, we’re committed to being there for you through your entire health journey – providing care during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery. All of our obstetricians also provide family medicine services. That means they can care for you and your entire family in one clinic.

Other services available include infertility, abnormal bleeding, urinary incontinence, and sexually transmitted disease screening.

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Obstetrics Partners

We work closely with Family Medicine providers and the St. Peter’s Health Labor and Delivery unit to ensure continuity of care.


Dr. Dodge

“The best part of being a specialist in Family Medicine with Obstetrics is being involved with all aspects of health care for a family. Meeting expectant parents and learning about their lives and their goals is especially rewarding… as is caring for their babies as they grow into children and then young adults that have babies of their own! No other specialty offers this unique opportunity!”

Dr. Field

“One of the advantages of having a Family Medicine with Obstetrics doctor is that your personal doctor delivers your baby rather than whomever is on call that day. I love getting to know these families, experience the birth of their children with them, and to watch them grow up.”

Dr. O'Connell

“I love becoming a part of patient’s families during their pregnancy and working together to keep the family healthy postpartum and beyond.”

Dr. Plate

“I so value being able to offer continuity of care in our group. That means that the doctor you have for your prenatal care is the doctor there when you deliver, and is the doctor there for your infant and all stages of your family’s life. That provides much fulfillment in my work, and I find patients really appreciate it as well.”

Dr. Wessel

“I am a Montana native, born and raised in Billings back when it was a great town. I absolutely love taking care of families from infant to the elderly. And I am the only Family Medicine with Obstetrics doctor on Helena’s Northside to assist with offering care across town.”

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