There’s no reason to live with a non-healing wound. 

At St. Peter’s Health Wound Care, our experts are dedicated to healing chronic wounds that have resisted traditional treatment. Our specialized, physician-led treatments offer a path to healing using care plans developed just for you. 

Caring, supportive environment | We know that living with a non-healing and chronic wound can be painful, cause a decreased quality of life and can cause other serious medical issues. We offer personalized treatment in a caring, supportive environment that will help you find relief and heal for good. 

Highly specialized care | Our clinic is staffed with doctors, nurses and staff who utilize the latest approaches to wound healing. We are the only provider of this specialized wound care in the greater Helena area, and the only clinic with state of the art Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a highly effective treatment for a variety of conditions. 

St. Peter’s approach to wound care 

Causes of wounds are complex and when wounds persist, a specialized approach is required for healing. Our group represents expertise in all of the major areas necessary to handle your varied circumstances and challenges. 

Managed by Healogics, Inc., our clinic provides individualized treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds, which are defined as sores or wounds that have not significantly improved from conventional treatments. We offer state-of-the-art treatments including debridement, dressing selection, special shoes and patient education. We use an interdisciplinary model of care, including infectious-disease management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, laboratory evaluation, nutritional management, pain management, diabetes education, and other areas, to address total patient health.  

What do we treat? 

Wound Care treats a wide variety of wounds cause by a number of conditions, including: 
  • Venous wounds: Wound caused by lymphedema and venous insufficiency conditions, because blood pools in the legs causing swelling
  • Diabetic foot ulcers: Ulcers caused by no sensation and stepping on something sharp; wearing a hole in the skin from bad shoe wear; or first forming a heavy callous that becomes a large wound
  • Surgical wounds: Wounds opened (dehiscence) after being sutured shut. Sometimes caused by infection, sometimes by health risks, or trauma, like falling, that causes the surgical site to open.
  • Trauma wounds: Wounds caused by a wide variety of accidents, like motor vehicle accidents, degloving, punctures, lacerations, gun shot wounds, etc.
  • Skin tears: Common injury in older adults because skin thins with age
  • Pressure ulcers: Ulcers caused by prolonged pressure between a bony prominence and a dense surface such as a bed, chair, etc. Common for those who use a wheel chair, are bed bound, or in older adults with low mobility.
  • Arterial wounds: Wounds caused by blood not being able to get to the legs due to blockages. Often affects people with diabetes due to poor circulation and blocked or narrowed arteries. 
  • Atypical wounds: Wounds include vasculitis, pyoderma gangrenosum, malignancies, metabolic, odd fungal infections. 
  • Infected wounds
  • Complex soft-tissue wounds
  • And more

Treatments offered

We offer many care options to provide the best path to healing, which can include some of the following therapies:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Debridement
  • Revascularization
  • Bioengineered skin substitutes
  • Compression therapy
  • Negative pressure wound therapy

Wound care specialists team

Your care is designed to complement your primary providers’ services. The clinic is made up of a team of professionals specializing in wound care, including:

  • Physicians with advanced training in wound management and hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Nursing staff trained in the care of chronic wounds 
  • Technicians who perform non-invasive studies and various therapies 
  • Experienced staff to assist with appointments, medical records and health insurance processing 


Referral information 

No referral is required to make an appointment, but please note that some insurance companies may require a referral. Please check your insurance requirements.

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