Our ongoing facility investments ensure we can continue to offer excellent care using state-of-the-art equipment featuring the latest technology. 

Advanced Diagnostic Services Offered

Magnetic Resource Imaging—MRI

  • 3T Wide Bore MRI Unit: Our Siemens 3T scanner offers the most advanced technology available for clinical use and offers some of the most cutting-edge technology available. The large opening allows us to maximize patient comfort and ease claustrophobia. If this scanner if preferred, please request it at time of scheduling.
  • Two units available
  • MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create cross–sectional images of the head and body. A doctor uses these detailed, clear images to identify and diagnose a wide range of conditions.

Computerized Tomography—CAT Scan

  • CAT is an X–ray technique that produces images of internal organs that are more detailed than those produced by conventional X–ray exams.
  • Known as some of the fastest technology on the market, this scanner allows doctors to create more accurate 3–D reconstruction of a patient’s anatomy, produces images much faster than the common four–slice and 16–slice scanners, and with finer detail resolution.

Positron Emission Tomography—PET Scan

  • PET allows physicians to examine the patient by producing pictures of the functions of the human body unobtainable through other imaging techniques. PET imaging uncovers abnormalities that might otherwise go undetected, thereby guiding physicians to the most appropriate treatment.

Nuclear Medicine

  • A special scanner producing whole body images with special indices of the heart. Nuclear Cardiology exams aide in the diagnosis of inadequate blood flow to the vessels that feed the heart muscle.

Breast Stereotactic Biopsies

  • These biopsies are limited invasive procedure performed as an outpatient to remove small amounts of breast tissue. The procedure is performed after mammographic evaluation of calcifications or lumps are found in the breast and, if benign, often eliminates the need for invasive breast surgery.


  • We now have multiple 3D mammogram machines and all mammograms are completed on 3D machines. 
  • This low dose X-ray is the most effective exam for early detection of breast cancer.

Bone Density

  • Through bone densitometry, doctors are better–equipped to detect and treat osteoporosis in its earliest stages, thanks to advanced bone measuring technologies and clinically–effective drug therapies that slow down or reverse the bone–loss process.


  • Updated, state-of-the-art machines 
  • Ultrasound is an imaging method that uses high–frequency sound waves to produce precise images of structures within the body to provide valuable information in diagnosing and treating disease. Because ultrasound uses sound waves instead of radiation to produce images, ultrasound specializes in the visualization of the anatomical structures found in the female pelvis and unborn children.