To find an Infusion Clinic Medication Orders form, click the link below to open the PDF, click 'Ctrl F' to search by medication name or keyword, note the form page number and print the desired form by page number. 

Infusion Clinic Medication Order forms

COVID-19 Infusion Clinic Documents

Referrals for eligible patients are being accepted to our COVID-19 Infusion Clinic where we are giving several outpatient infusion treatments. Important! Please carefully review all eligibility criteria. These therapies are currently in short supply. 

Once the documents are ready, please fax a copy of the completed Infusion Order and signed Consent Form to 406-447-2719. If you are an independent provider not employed by St. Peter's, please write the preferred phone number for each patient on the Consent Form before submission. Once all completed documents are submitted, a St. Peter's staff member will contact the patient directly to schedule their appointment.


Questions? Call 406-457-4180.