Congratulations on becoming a nurse!  

Completing nursing school is an amazing accomplishment. We want to help you build the foundation for your nursing career by providing the support you need during the first stage of your journey.

Designed to provide access, resources and hands-on experiences, our year-long Nurse Residency Program helps you apply your nursing knowledge in clinical practice by creating connections, forming bonds and fostering collaboration throughout the system. All new graduate Registered Nurses (RN) hired at St. Peter's are enrolled in the program. 

'Growth. Empowering. Community.'

~Recent program graduates describing the program

What to expect

You will join fellow residents for a wide variety of immersive, hands-on experiences. 

  • Skills sessions and content reviews are scheduled twice per month for the first five months, and once per month until graduation. Sessions may include tours, classroom learning, presentations by multidisciplinary personnel and case studies. 
  • Evidence based research project is completed by each Resident
  • Mentorship through past and present program Residents
  • Support resources include debriefing sessions, access to a peer support group, as well as access to nursing and program leaders who can answer your questions and address your concerns. Resources may also include professional development opportunities, shadow opportunities in clinical areas and didactic/classroom instructions.
  • Collaboration opportunities to help optimize your onboarding experience include the chance to interface with leaders and team members from across the organization. Several departments we collaborate with include members of the PT/OT teams, palliative care, pharmacy, risk management, patient experience, laboratory, informatics, environmental services, skin team, chaplain, radiology/ultrasound and respiratory therapy.

Enrollment information

No need to apply! All new graduate RNs are automatically enrolled in the program with the help of their unit director and lead instructors. Program start dates are in January and July each year.

If have any questions about the Nurse Residency Program contact: 

Jennie Belt, Lead Instructor

Tessa McGree, Lead Instructor

Meet Our Graduates

Class of June 2021

Class of June 2021

Congratulations to Kevin Dow, RN, Kylie MacDonald, RN and Dana Roberson, RN (not pictured), who were celebrated in June 2021 as the first graduates of St. Peter’s Nurse Residency Program.

Class of Dec. 2021 

Class of Dec. 2021 

Congrats to Zachary Antonick, RN, Bethany Vega, RN, Courtney Radke, RN (pictured), Rebecca Fox, RN, Alyssa Magee, RN, and Stacia Winslow, RN, who were celebrated in Dec. 2021 as the second class of graduates from the St. Peter's Nurse Residency Program.